The below listed cutting-edge spray systems will not only improve the look and feel of your finish, but will also save you money in
the process through better transfer efficiency over a conventional compressed air spray systems. And you will be going
"green" to
boot. We have just added Fuji's new Semi-PRO system. Please click
here to learn more about this new 2-stage industrial grade
HVLP system that mimics in performance 3-stage systems of others at a significant saving.

For example, if you are spraying with a conventional air spray gun, you are waisting over 65% of the finish as overspray and
contributing to air pollution, smog and, enhancing your health risk if you spray solvent based finishes. Just read an MSDS of a
typical solvent based lacquer, varnish or polyurethane.

For every ten (10) gallons of finish you use, regardless of type, 6.5 gallons get wasted as overspray (65%), or in terms of
money, you're throwing away about $130 of the $200 you spent on the finish. That is, only 3.5 gallons end up on the furniture,
the rest is atomized as overspray. Think about this, every time you spray with a conventional air spray system.

The systems below will also deliver you a superior finish over that cheap spray gun, an inferior spray system, or a brush. Thus you
will realize a much smoother finish, less need to rub out, and boost your productivity.

Keep also in mind that choosing the right spray system should make economic sense as well. If you spray very little, an HVLP
conversion gun such as the
LYNX™ spray gun makes a lot of sense and become "green" too. It converts high pressure spraying
into low pressure. A saving of 35 to 50% to be realized over conventional air spray systems.

If you spray ten (10) gallons or more a month of a finish, a
Fuji HVLP turbine spray system makes a lot of economic sense and
"green" too. The transfer efficiency of turbine spray systems is 85 to 90% and the potential savings you can realize is
significant as aforementioned. Consult the chart at left for comparison spray systems efficiencies.

We offer five (5)
Fuji spray systems to choose from. You can also visit FujiSpray's website for any additional information. Our
choice in distributing Fuji brand is based on their excellent spray systems, unsurpassed quality and product warranty. They offer a
two (2) year warranty compared to one year as standard in the market. The choice is clear.
Why HVLP Spray Systems?
High-Pressure Spraying
HVLP Spraying
●  65% Plus Overspray

●   Material Wastage

●   Health Risk
 Low To Virtually No Overspray

 Significant Material Saving

 Healthier Work Environment
Syphon Type Version 3
Out Of Stock
FUJI Mini-Mite™ 3 XPC HVLP Spray System
3 Stage Turbine
FUJI Mini-Mite™ 4 XPC HVLP Spray System
4 Stage Turbine
FUJI Q3 GOLD™ HVLP Spray System
3 Stage Turbine
75% Quieter Than Others
FUJI Q4 GOLD™ HVLP Spray System
4 Stage Turbine
75% Quieter Than Others
Spray Equipment
Gravity Feed Version 4
TSG-1000 HVLP Spray Gun
High performance HVLP gun for turbine sprayers. Equipped with 1.4 mm atomizing set, this rugged, all metal bleeder gun delivers high quality finishes at 85 to 90% transfer efficiency. Great replacement for your old worn out gun, or as a second gun. Excellent for use wth all types of sprayable finshes. Connects to any turbine spayer having a 3/4 inch hose coupling. Supplied complete, gun and cup assembly. All metal, no plastic parts to gun body. Stainless steel internal for use with water-based finishes, paints and contact cement.
As you contemplate
purchasing a Fuji Spray
System from others in
view of their tempting free
freight, keep in mind that,
should you run into
technical issues or
spraying problems, they
will not be there to help
you - WE WILL, even long
after the money back
guarantee has expired.
And we stock all the
replacement parts and
able to repair the
equipment too. So do think
it through before you buy.