(Solvent Based)
Magna-Shield® Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer Clear
Gallon Container
Magna-Shield® Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer Clear
5 Gallon Pail
EVERLAST™ Wood Finish
EVERLAST™ Wood Finish
Gallon Container
EVERLAST™ Wood Finish
5 Gallon Pail
5 Gal Pail
Gallon Container
*To achieve professional looking results and avoid orange-peel or need to rub-out your finish, use of  quality spray
equipment is   highly advised. In other words,  an "A" rated  finish applied with "C" quality  spray equipment will yield B
results, at best.

So, if you are in a market for an upgrade in spray equipment or tired of brushing on a finish, please visit our
equipment section and learn about the benefits to be realized in performance, productivity and cost saving.  
The EVERLASTTM Wood Finish is another engineering marvel.
Eco-Smart. Non-flammable with a pleasant odor.
Interior/Exterior. No such product exists on the market. Quick
drying, extremely tough and durable. Recommended by 8 out of
10 architects. Apply by spray, roller, wipe-on, or paint pad. Cures
rapidly and without that plastic-like appearance as with others.
To boast,
EVERLASTTM Wood Finish can be applied over nearly
every finish to enhance its durability and chemical resistance. Its
unique, pleasant odor (though now virtually odorless) makes it
extremely suitable for on-site finishing and refinishing. Excellent
replacement for tung-oil in that it offers the same appearance,
but cures 85% faster and is by far more durable. By far less
hazardous too - will not support spontaneous combustion!
Through innovative design and formulation, these finishes are extremely user friendly and simple to
use. Apply as supplied through
quality* grade spray equipment and you get good looking and smooth
results each time, straight from the gun, along with toughness and durability.

Magna-Shield® nor EVERLASTTM Wood Finish project that harsh solvent odor typified
by other pre-cat lacquers or solvent based finishes on the market. To learn more about each product,
click on its respective Product Detail button given below.  
                                                   Powerful Technologies
                                                       With Years Ahead Of The Pack.
The below provided solvent-based wood finishes will transform your finishing and refinishing of
furniture, architectural millwork and other woodwork into the extraordinary: unsurpassed beauty,
warmth, toughness and durability, just to mention a few. For environmentally friendly or
alternative wood finishes but, with similar attributes, click on HYDROCOTE® at left.

Hood's pre-cat lacquer. "Once you try
Magna-Shield, you'll never switch have
been more than satisfied over the
years with the product.

Mark Yesko
Yesko Furniture Refinishing
All Made In USA